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Shirley J. McKellar

Candidate Elect for U.S. Congress - "Texas"

You Want Change in Washington? Elect Dr. Shirley J. McKellar to U.S. Congress for District 1, Texas!
Gohmert Must Go! Caught On Camera

Gohmert's Greatest Hits!!

Red stumps Gohmert R-TX on abortion & health care

Rep. Gohmert Touts Column Comparing President Obama To Hitler Over Handling Of BP

Louie Gohmert

Rep. Gohmert - Compares Gays To Beastiality & Hitler

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) at Anti-"Obamacare" Rally (3/24/12)

Rachel Maddow-Getting to know Rep. Louie Gohmert

Rep. Louie Gohmert Goes Berserk On Anderson Cooper!!!

Gohmert: Obama created an Ottoman Empire in the Middle East

Gohmert: Gay Marriage Signals Collapse of Civilization

Vote McKellar Defeat Gohmert

Mckellar Congress