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Dedicated Public Servant, Veteran, and Entrepreneur Running to Represent the People of Congressional District 1 of Texas in 2018

I was raised in a family that was active in politics, and I became active in politics as well at the age of eighteen. As a black woman growing up during the civil rights movement I faced many adversities, all of which I overcame. As a young woman, I pursued a career in the medical field and attended Tyler Junior College where I experienced the effects of racism first hand when black students were given tests with one set of questions not covered in the class and white students were given questions we had covered.. After transferring schools to pursue my dreams, I was able to earn my Associates, Bachelors, and Masters Degrees in healthcare. I joined the military in 1992 where I was able to continue my education and earn my Doctorate of Nursing and Healthcare Management from Columbus University. While in the military, I served in many operations, including Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom and retired after 18 years of active duty.

I was forced to retire from the Military, a career I loved, as a Wounded Warrior. I was appalled to see the treatment of service members in the VA hospitals, and it was my experience in the VA system that ultimately made me decide to run for public office. I launched my first campaign for congress in 2012 to represent District 1.

Serving our country where the rights of all citizens may be enjoyed, is a privileged duty which I will continue to cherish and fulfill to the utmost of my ability. As a woman of color I am proud that our Constitution provides us with the opportunity to serve in elected office regardless of gender, race, color of creed. I am qualified and prepared to serve our country and community in such elected office. It has always been an honor to serve my country and I will be equally honored to represent you in the United States Congress.

I believe Americans are fed up with the political agenda of using old, worn-out tactics and the game of "politics as usual". Elections must be determined by the issues, not money and not cheap attempts to degrade the character of others. Winning is about what's best for the people.

With a deep belief and trust in a Higher Power, whom I call God, I know VICTORY is at hand. I am guided to govern and enforce the "will of the people" of Texas. I will not engage in the politics of abuse, name-calling and petty quarreling to benefit my campaign. I will always be dedicated to serve my fellow citizens, my community and my country, and I will always do so with respect, care, and concern for the needs and the will of the good people I hope to represent!


Thank you for standing with me as your spokesperson in the U. S. Congress!

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