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A good educational system helps strengthen our society by teaching and instructing young adults, giving them a strong foundation that will help them learn and succeed as citizens and individuals.

National Security

Defending against threats to America’s security will always be one of my highest priorities in the U.S. Congress. I’m committed to ensuring that our first responders and disaster teams have the training and equipment needed to provide assistance to its residents.

We must always remember that our government's primary responsibility is to protect and defend the American people and advance the interests of the United States.


We have the greatest health care system in the world. However, we must reform our health care system to make it more affordable and provide individuals access to quality medical services, regardless of race, age or medical condition. And our Senior Citizens must have a great Quality of Life (QoL) in their retirement years.

Veterans and Service Members

As a disabled American veteran, I am personally dedicated to looking out for the interests of all military personnel, active and retired, who call Texas home. The honor-bound agreement between our men and women, balancing national security and human dignity.


I strongly believe in core Texas values - encouraging personal responsibility, compassion for others, and supporting family values. Strong families are the foundation for a prosperous and civilized community.

When I think of my home state of Texas, I think of everything that makes America great. The Lone Star State is filled with rich history, diverse cultures, and an unmatched tradition of innovation and inspiration. I am taking care of my home by giving back to the homeless by building a home for homeless Veterans and other homeless citizens in the community.

Jobs and the Economy

The role of the government is not to create wealth, but to foster an environment where America’s entrepreneurial spirit can thrive and achieve great things. Texas, and America, is not broke, therefore we must get our teachers back to work. Our government is run on taxes imposed by the federal and all state governments. This includes Social Security and Medicare. The corporations must bring the tax base back to Texas and the country. We all must help the economy grow. Support the Postal System and buy U.S.A. today and Buy U.S.A. products today.